Bryndza plnotučná letná

Bryndza letná full-fat

Bryndza full fat mixed.

Typical traditional Slovak speciality. It is produced by a traditional method, by grinding stored sheep cheese, heat-treated by pasteurizing (min. 50%) and cow lump cheese made from heat-treated cow's milk by pasteurization. It contains a unique natural microflora. It has a fine-grained texture, a spreadable consistency, a slightly spicy taste of sheep cheese and a pleasant, delicious aroma. It is a seasonal product connected to the summer months: June - August. The excellent quality and amazing taste of the  "bryndza letná" (summer bryndza cheese) is achieved by the distinctive taste of sheep's and cow's milk, which reflects the flowering summer meadows and pastures that graze the sheep and cattle.

It is suitable for preparing dishes of cold and warm cuisine, for vegetable, pasta and potato dishes, but also as a delicacy for snacks served to beer and wine.


sheep lump cheese - min. 50% weight of dry matter, cow lump cheese, drinking water, salt. Total dry matter min. 44%. Fat in dry matter min. 48%, edible salt max. 2,5%.


Energy1154 kJ/ 278 kcal
Fat23,5 g
of which saturated fatty acids16,4 g
Carbohydrates0,5 g
of which sugar0,5 g
Protein16,3 g
Salt2,3 g


1000 g


15 days


Milk (including lactose)


Keep at the temperature of 2-8°C.