Slovenská bryndza

Slovenská bryndza

Bryndza full fat mixed.

Typical traditional Slovak speciality. It is produced by a traditional method, by grinding stored sheep cheese, heat-treated by pasteurizing (min. 50%) and cow lump cheese made from heat-treated cow's milk by pasteurization. It contains a unique natural microflora. It has a fine-grained texture, a spreadable consistency, a slightly spicy taste of sheep cheese and a pleasant, delicious aroma. It contains at least 50% of the sheep's ingredient and it meets the criteria for designation of "Slovenská bryndza" (Slovak bryndza cheese). Slovenská bryndza has a protected origin, registered in the register of traditional protected products of EU. 

It is suitable for preparing dishes of cold and warm cuisine, for vegetable, pasta and potato dishes, but also as a delicacy for snacks served to beer and wine.


stored sheep cheese made from pasteurized milk - min. 50% weight of dry matter, cow lump cheese made from pasteurized milk, drinking water, edible salt. Total dry matter min. 44%. Fat in dry matter min. 48%, edible salt max. 3%.


Energy1117 kJ/ 270 kcal
Fat22,8 g
of which saturated fatty acids17,0 g
Carbohydrates<0,5 g
of which sugar<0,5 g
Protein15,8 g
Salt2,4 g


500 g, 1000 g, 5000g 


15 days


Milk (including lactose)


Keep at the temperature of 2-8°C.